BR Participando da MAGEJam 2022 esse jogo foi desenvolvido em inglês, teremos uma versão em português em breve!

EN This game was built for MAGEJam 2022 and is available in English.

Game Overview

Welcome to Potion Rush! Where you will live the stressfull daily routine of Ricky the alchemist.

Welcome new customers, feel their pain and desires to design and craft the not so perfect Potion to relieve their suffering  and rip their money off!

Q: What happens when you merge a infinite runner with a time-bomb puzzle game? 



  • Time-bomb Puzzle solving;
  • Mini-games to test your skills;
  • Manage your customers humor by been fast and win more money!
  • Manage your economy to survive on the game;
  • This game will make you laugh!

Potencial Future Features

  • Multi-player! Craft potions with your alchemist buddies;
  • More types of deseases to be cured;
  • More ingredients, more potions and more Fun!
  • Exclusive Music Theme and SFX;
  • Portuguese version;
  • Hilarious brazilian voices pack;


Kelvyn a.k.a. Kelvyn Lee

  • Unity developer
  • UX/UI

Esquilo Malhado a.k.a Italo Veras

  • Unity developer

Glugluw a.k.a. Vinicius Mouta

  • Game Designer
  • Music Theme & SFX - Research
  • 2D Artist

Pirata a.k.a. Francyleo Matos

  • 3D Artist


Download 32 MB


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